Keylime Handbook 👐🏼📚

Policies, guidance, and our values around benefits and compensation for employees.

Employee Values

This set of values reflects the Keylime identity and ideals for our workplace. They guide and shape our daily work, interactions, and decision making. Our values are wholly interconnected and dependent on one another to maintain our culture.

  1. Excellence. We are driven by results and work hard to achieve excellence.
  2. Flexibility. We are open to different ways of working—when, where, and how.
  3. Trust. We trust one another to uphold our obligations and these values.
  4. Humanity. We respect and value employees as whole people.
  5. Efficiency. We seek to use our own and others’ time wisely.
  6. Creativity. We favor innovation and risk.

Work Hours and Flexibility

Full time. Full time employees (FTE) can opt for a 32 hour or a 40 hour work week. Your salary will be prorated to the work week that you select. If you work a 32 hour work week, you can choose to work 4 days a week or 5. Each week totals 32 hours. You should keep your work schedule published on Notion so people know your hours and days of work and when they can and cannot reach you. Full time employees work exclusively with Keylime and qualify for all benefits.

Part time. Part time employees (PTE) are paid hourly. Part time staff have an exclusivity agreement with Keylime and qualify for certain benefits—401K, 401K profit share, workers comp, and federal or state mandated benefits such as Paid Family Leave (in some states). Part time staff don’t qualify for paid time off or the bonus pool.

Schedule. We have employees, clients, and consultants all over the world and so there is not one fixed schedule. That said, the majority of Keylime clients are US based and we frequently have calls during standard EST business hours, so all staff need to be available for EST meetings. Team members should share their working hours on Notion so that colleagues know when they can collaborate with you in real time and when you are off, so that you can really enjoy your time off as you should.

6th day pay. Keylime employees can work a 6th day for billable contracts when approved by a client. To qualify for 6th day, a FTE’s work week (Monday-Sunday) must exceed 40 hours and be a minimum of 60% billable, as reported on Harvest. 6th day pay, based on the number of hours over 40, will be calculated and paid on a quarterly basis at the employee’s regular hourly rate.


Consultants. Consultants are paid monthly, around the 17th of the month.

Full time and part time employees. FTEs and PTEs are paid twice monthly on the 10th and 25th. If the 10th or 25th fall on a weekend or holiday, payment will be made on the previous business day.

Profit-share and other bonuses. Profit share is distributed annually via 401K if and when the company achieves profit targets. Profit-share via the 401K is regulated by the IRS and we distribute profits based on the IRS requirements, which test for equity. This means that 401K profits are distributed as either a flat amount to all staff or the same % of salary to all staff, so the amount is based on company performance not on individual performance.

Other bonuses based on performance are available annually. This is a work in progress because we haven’t yet had the opportunity to do significant bonuses, but the goal is for 75% of the bonus pool to be split evenly and 25% of the pool to be based on time with the company.

The compensation philosophy is that if we compensate on the higher quintile of the market rate for a position we can attract the best staff and reward them up front for their top skills. Bonuses are a way for us to all win equally based on the success of the company. This means we have incentives to help each other out, work for the growth of the company, and manage our work with an ownership mentality.

Standardized, role based pay. We actively enforce equal pay for equal work. We want to have an equitable pay framework, so that we don’t have any pay inequity. This means we do not pay different rates based on who negotiates and who doesn’t. It also means we don’t pay different rates based on location. And it means we don’t have salary disparity based on gender, race, or other demographics. Job descriptions include a salary.

🌟Pay Grades

Time off

Paid time off

Universal leave (UL) can be used for any reason someone decides to take off such as sick time, caring for a family member, vacation, mental break, or other reasons. You don’t have to explain or classify your UL when you take it.

UL is ‘use it or lose it’ meaning it doesn’t get paid out.

10+ years*
Years of service
Days of UL/year
In hours
0-5 years
5-10 years

*Staff at the director level and above start their UL at this level


We observe the following federal holidays as paid holidays.

Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day
Second Monday in Oct
New Year’s Day
Jan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Third Monday in Jan
Presidents’ Day
Third Monday in Feb
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
June 19
Independence Day
July 4
Labor Day
First Monday in Sept
Veterans Day
Nov 11
Fourth Thursday in Nov
Dec 25

All holidays are considered floating holidays, meaning employees have the flexibility to use them at their discretion within the same calendar year. Holidays do not roll over to the following year. Employees are responsible for coordinating floating holidays with their supervisor and are encouraged to keep the team aware of holiday plans. If an employee chooses not to observe any federal holiday as scheduled above, they must respect that many Keylime staff, clients, and partners will not be working on these days.

Leave without pay

Salaried staff can request and take leave without pay (LWOP) if they’ve exhausted their UL. Taking extended LWOP may impact other benefits that are regulated by policies. For example, some benefits require that an employee work a minimum number of hours over a certain period of time.

Other paid time off

Some states have a paid family leave (PFL) program, which Keylime pays into. You’d qualify for PFL based on the policies of the state you have as your primary residence and in most cases the state will pay you directly for your paid family leave.

Keylime will declare additional days off based on team workload, world events, or other conditions.

Maternity return

Mothers returning from maternity leave receive unlimited UL for the first year post-maternity leave. This is meant to facilitate a smooth transition back to work for new mothers. Discretionary UL more than 3 days in a row should be discussed as far in advance as possible.


FTEs and PTEs are eligible for 401(k) with a company match starting on their 1 year anniversary.

Health and welfare

All full time employees will qualify for an ICHRA. Through Keylime’s 2022 ICHRA program the company will reimburse you up to $1,000 per month for health insurance premiums.

We will adjust the ICHRA contribution in advance of 2023 based on what we learn managing an ICHRA and to ensure competitive, equitable contributions across the team.

The goal of Keylime’s participation in an ICHRA is for full time employees to have access to a high quality health insurance program of their choice, at a reasonable cost with a generous contribution from Keylime.

Benefits under development

Maternity and paternity leave

Corporate Policies

Code of ConductCombating Trafficking in Persons and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)Anti-Trafficking Compliance Plan