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Keylime was founded in 2017 with the original goal of helping anyone with their USAID proposals. It turns out a lot of people did, in fact, want help with their USAID proposals—and more. Keylime quickly grew to help an expanding community of clients with USAID proposals and project management across a range of functions including monitoring and evaluation, compliance, finance and administration, human resources, writing and communications, and proposal development. In 2019 we launched the Keylime Marketplace, the first online marketplace for USAID experts.

Where did the name Keylime come from? We are a Floridian business and have a special appreciation for the delights of Florida, the only place where key limes are found. Key limes are smaller than a regular lime, but far juicier, more flavorful, with a distinct aroma, and highly sought after by chefs. And when we learned that, we thought that’s the kind of organization we always want to be—bursting with value, full of character, and the partner of choice for our industry.


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