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Keylime is a woman-owned small business that focuses on working with USAID. We help organizations around the world win and implement USAID programs through consulting services and training. Our work is powered by our proprietary marketplace—the first and only online marketplace of USAID experts and vendors. Keylime Marketplace empowers you to select a top USAID resource for your proposal, project management, and compliance needs.

What we do

We work with USAID and implementing partners as a prime, subcontractor, or vendor on projects and proposals. Keylime helps partners around the world to work with USAID and we help USAID to work with new partners. We provide consulting services, capacity strengthening services, and training. Keylime allows you to find and hire top USAID experts in less than a day, whether we are supporting a large multi-year USAID project or a 30-day proposal effort. We provide proven capacity strengthening tools and curriculum for effective engagements with new and local partners.


How we can help

Keylime is best known for our deep understanding of how to work with USAID across the life cycle of a program—from readiness, capture, and proposal to award, implementation, and close out. Our project managers, compliance specialists, and M&E experts are some of the best in the industry. Our experts are proven USAID technical proposal writers, proposal managers, recruiters, cost preparers. Our experts focus on USAID proposals and projects.

For USAID—work with Keylime through the CCSDP IDIQ or GSA Schedule.
For implementing partners—work with Keylime on a project, proposal, or to amplify your team. Attend a training or leverage our consultants.

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Our Solutions

Keylime works with the USAID community to make international development more fruitful. Organizations new to USAID and longstanding implementing partners choose Keylime for hiring consultants, training, and organizational development. Read more on our blog.


Capacity Strengthening

We work USAID partners and USAID Operating Units on compliance, business development, award management, communications, HR, management, leadership, governance, M&E, and finance.

USAID Vendor Marketplace

We operate a global marketplace for vendors who support USAID implementing partners. Operating Units, Implementing Partners, and USAID projects can find compliance, finance, HR, and other vendors. Learn more.

Courses and Training

Train with the top experts in USAID business development and project management. Our courses cover the life cycle of USAID programming. Start learning.

USAID Consultants

Hire vetted USAID consultants for short term business development and project management. Find a consultant.


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Things we love talking about:

  • Helping USAID work with new partners
  • Helping organizations work with USAID
  • Finding consultants for USAID partners
  • Keylime Academy courses on how to work with USAID
  • Setting up a custom marketplace for your organization
  • Resources and Capacity Strengthening for USAID staff

Are you a consultant?

We invite you to join our marketplace!

More than 100 organizations use Keylime Marketplace and they will all be able to see your profile and hire you on the marketplace.

You will share your rate, availability, and key details about your skills proactively on Keylime Marketplace. This puts you in control as a consultant so organizations always have your most up to date information.

Our streamlined and automated process for identifying consultants means you’ll save dozens of hours each month.

Sign up just takes about 10 minutes.


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