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When you join Keylime you can expect to find interesting opportunities with top USAID implementing partners. Plus you’ll enjoy:

  • Online profile, with shareable link
  • Streamlined process for accepting assignments and meeting with clients
  • Never any limitations on who you can work with or exclusivity
  • Transparent advice on your market rate
  • Prompt payments
  • Wide range of interesting opportunities on USAID projects and proposals with reputable, vetted implementing partners

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Everything is great!
the KeyLime team is very responsive, the administrative items are easy to manage and working with KeyLime is one of the easiest ways I've found to connect with companies that will be good to work with.
I like how everything is automated and I like that communications are short and to the point. It's a very efficient but friendly process.
Everything went smoothly.
The process was seamless for me for contracting and timesheets. One opportunity rolled into another and felt very supported.
you have supported me on several contracts. If I have any questions or concerns, you are all quick to respond.
You provided me great support in this assignment.
I absolutely love all the digital integration that Keylime does. 5 stars!
I was blown away by Keylime's systems and support. As someone new to consulting, I felt very supported and was able to save critical time finding and managing my work thanks to their system and team.
Actually you are pretty amazing.


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