Pay Grades

Starting Salary
Project Assistant
Senior Manager
Senior Director + Managing Director

Starting pay. This is the rate that Keylime offers for new hires into this position.

Negotiation. Keylime doesn’t negotiate salaries with candidates or employees. Instead, we put a lot of thought into our compensation and into our recruitment process. We offer salaries at the top quintile of market rate in our industry, so our staff are well compensated. And we want to hire staff who are excited to join Keylime, motivated by our values, and feel a connection to our team. By being transparent about rates up front, and having a thoughtful recruitment process, there’s a mutual opting-in through the recruitment process—by the end of the process both Keylime and the candidate should be confident about the decision rather than leaving compensation as a tie-breaker in an uncertain decision. And most of all, we are in an active pursuit of pay equity at Keylime. We want our employees to know that your pay is correlated with your work, not with your gender, race, or any other personal attribute. Some people are better negotiators than others, and we don’t think that should play a role in something as important as your salary.